Friday, 11 September 2009

DJ Shadow - Entroducing


Ok just wanna give you a heads up on a record (one of many) that I spin on a daily basis that helps me get through day to day daily nonsense; DJ Shadow - Entroducing, it's hardly underground or backpack but every hiphop head should own this. Actually, every person who has the slighest interest in electronic music should own this, period. Many turntable nerds, trip-hoppers, frat boys, hippies, ravers see this record as almost spiritual.

Anyway, this is Shadow's debut studio record released on November 19th, 1996 on Mo' Wax Records. The whole record has been stitched together using sampled elements from jazz, hiphop, funk, phychadelia, old television shows, interviews and percussion tracks all layers upon layers of them. All done using an MPC60, word. The list of total samples used in the record entirely is huge, i would post the list but it's 114 lines long. This record has actually been entered into the Guinness Book Of Records as the first record ever made from sampled sources. TIME magazine also rated it as one of the top 100 records of all time, into it. The piece is neither a dance album nor a scratch a record but by using the samples lifted from obscure records he's created a completely new identity in the music shown. The production is mint, even 13 years on, the sound is so rich and full (a whole record using vinyl samples through analogue equipment is going to anyway) and the samples don't feel too choppy. My personal favourite bangers on here are 'The Number Song,' ' What Does Your Soul Look Like,' 'Mutual Slump' and 'Midnight In A Perfect World.' This is a perfect night drive soundtrack. Get lifted to this.

Oh yeh and the cover depicts Solesides members ChiefExcel and LyricsBorn in 'Records,' a record store 710K street, Sacramento, CA.